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This was another item that I researched online for days. You think a bottle is a bottle right? No totally wrong, now a days they have this bottle thing down to a science and I must admit I got a little obsessed as I always do with everything else but the more that I looked into it, the more I found out that with the right bottle this could help any tummy issues that your baby may have. As of today Chanel is 15 months old and we have never had any problems with the tummy that usually take place during the infant stage, maybe some minor gas here and there but nothing major. Maybe it’s just because I chose the right bottles for Chanel. So I figured I write a blog dedicated to the 3 bottles that I love to use and continue to use today.  

The first bottle that I tried was the “Dr. Browns” bottle. The bottle looks a little complicated on the inside but it supposedly lets out the air that the baby would be sucking in. The only down fall is that it takes a little more time to clean than the average bottle. There’s a little bit more nick and crannies when it come to cleaning the nipple but you just have to get a bottle brush and that helps with the cleaning problem. 

The second bottle is called the “Boob”, I like it, it’s glass and glass is great for bacterial reasons. You won’t get that sour smell as you would get with the plastic bottles. This bottle also prevents air from going into your baby stomach. This bottle is also shaped nicely and it fits perfect into you and your babies hand. It comes with a cool plastic sleeve in case it’s dropped, the bottle will be protected.  

The third bottle is called the “Como Tomo” this is my favorite bottle to date. I switched over to this when Chanel was about 9 months old. This bottle doesn’t feel like plastic or glass, it feels like a real “Boob” lol, well as close to one as you’re gonna get. I’m not sure about what it’s made out of but it so perfect for women who breast feed because it comes the closest to the feeling of an actual breast when breast feeding, I even love the feel of the bottle lol!

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