Things They Say Not To Do But I Did While Pregnant

I know this subject is controversial but for me it was very simple. I go by how my heart and soul guides me pregnant or not. And believe me there was no way that I wanted to jeopardize having my baby but I went with my gut with some of the things that I did while pregnant. Below you will see some of the following things I did while pregnant that people said were not safe. 

Dying my hair… I was always told not to use bleach and that dying your hair while pregnant can spread tons of bad chemicals to the baby. Well for me I waited to get in the “safe zone” which is usually after the first 4 months of pregnancy so I basically waited to dye my hair at like around my 5th month. At this time I started doing my normal routine where I would get my roots dyed once a month. The only part I left out during my pregnancy was doing the highlights. This made me feel a little better about pampering myself. 

Wine… I know, I know, some of you are probably hating me right now but I actually drank wine but not how you think. You see before pregnancy I loved to have my cocktail at dinner or a glass of wine before I went to bed but as soon as I got pregnant my body could no longer tolerate alcohol, I hated it, even the smell was not appetizing to me any longer so it was very easy for me to stop. So one day while at one of my doctor appointments, I was curious, and I asked my doctor (The Dr. that delivered my baby) how she felt about me drinking wine? I told her that many of my friends said that it was fine while pregnant but I wanted to get her expert opinion and to my surprise she said the same thing that everyone else had been saying, one glass every once in a while won’t hurt. So later in the pregnancy I did exactly that. Sometimes I got a lil anxious during my pregnancy and having a lil wine would help my anxiety. I’m going to be honest though around 5 months into my pregnancy I would have a couple of glasses in one week but I wouldn’t even finish the entire glass my body could only take a couple of sips and I was good with that. So once again I altered the situation and went by what my inner spirit was telling and I was just fine. 

Nails… Now I didn’t even flinch with this one. I did get my nails done my whole entire pregnancy, I got gel nails though, to me they have very little chemicals and I feel like my body was healthy enough to fight off anything harmful that would enter into my system, I felt confident and stood by this. There are now organic gels that you can use while pregnant and all you have to do is request them before getting your nails done. People actually use organic gels if you’re allergic to gel or they use acrylic.  

Tanning…. Read before you get mad at this….Back in the day (30 years ago) one of my first jobs was working at a tanning salon. Back then pregnant women would tan in tanning beds believe it or not, yes! I know this because I seen many enter the salon with pregnant bellies. I know this sounds crazy but tanning beds back then weren’t as strong as they are now so I would get these pregnant women in the salon so they could get their daily vitamin D (You get vitamin D from the sun and tanning) and also they would like to take 30 minute naps. So hear I thought tanning beds were ok but that was 30 years ago. So the my first 5 months of pregnancy I was in a tanning bed about once every 2 weeks I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but it was just enough so that I wouldn’t be pasty white. 5 months go by and the tanning salon found out that I was pregnant, they told me not to continue and just use the spray tan because the tanning beds today are way stronger than they were 30 years ago, I felt so stupid. I stopped bed tanning instantly and that’s what started me on my new spray tanning routine. Even today I haven’t gone back to my normal routine. Now that Chanel is here i go every 2 weeks to get a spray tan and no longer use the beds. Just know without a tan I look vampire white and very scary looking but I’m not going to jeopardize having my baby for tanning so spray tanning had to do and I like the new change. 

Traveling…  So people always say that traveling stresses people out and for pregnant women they say it stresses the baby. So this was a little weird for me because traveling is a big part of my business and lifestyle. In fact, 4 months into pregnancy I went on Ice’s Body Count rock band tour all around Europe, we were in 18 different countries in 18 days. I believe if your body is use to doing something before pregnancy it’ll be fine doing it while pregnant for example if your body is use to going to yoga class, working with weights, cycling or whatever your use to before you got pregnant it’ll be fine during pregnancy just don’t overdo it. I will say though that I did stop traveling 2 months before the due date just because I was so worried that I was going to be somewhere without Ice and I wanted so bad for Ice to be there in the room when I was going into labor therefore I stayed close to home. So in my perspective, the last two months are definitely crucial and that’s when you should think about not traveling and stay close to home.

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