Disposable Diapers vs Cloth Diapers

I know this is going to sound funny but when I first found out that I was having a baby one of the first questions that came to mind was “omg what am I going to do about diapers?” Now why the hell was I even thinking about diapers and I haven’t even given birth and then so I became obsessed. I googled Diapers vs Cloths Diapers because until then I had heard all these crazy stories from people who had children, stories about the horrible rashes that their babies would get when they use disposable diapers. So I was on the search in hopes to find the answers to this question. I wanted my babies bum not to have any problem if it was in my hands. Now, side bar when I asked this question to Ice, what he would prefer, he said if it were his guess he would think that cloth diapers would be better for Chanel because that’s what they used back in the day. So then I went online to ordered some cloth diapers just because Ice suggested it but I still wasn’t satisfied. So after pages and pages of reading comments from real mothers, I found out that a lot of mothers were on the same page when comparing the two. To break it down it was quite simple, yes cloths diapers are better for the babies booty but now in modern days they make disposable diapers that are cloth too but these you can throw away. Years ago they were made with more like a paper material which was a little more harsher on their booties obviously. The problem with cloth is that you’re going to go through a lot of diapers when the babies are infants so it’s better to use disposable during the early stages of a baby, think about you’ll be throwing cloths diapers in the laundry machine 10 times a day or even more that’s a lot dirty laundry on a daily basis. If you have your mind set on using cloths then I suggest you do it when they get older, like around 9 months because they poop and pee less. This what I did with Chanel I used disposable diapers up until we started potty training which she started doing naturally herself at 28 weeks (That will be a whole other post coming soon).   

I have to say cloth diapers weren’t really my thing after trying it for about a month it was much easier with plain old diapers. Now if interested on which diapers I preferred this became another obsession I think within a year of Chanel being born I tried practically all the brands in the grocery store, and here are my favs…(Pampers Swaddlers) which I used from new born to 13 months, they were the most soft when she moved around and they were also the lightest, then when she started really getting active I transferred to huggies, the diapers curves around the butt, hugs the waist so tight that there’s less accidents. Huggies seem to be thicker too, when they get bigger, they’re bladder gets bigger too which means more pee hahaha. Now when it comes to the night, I noticed (huggies overnights) diapers has way less accidents, the reason for this I believe since huggies are simply tighter and there’s no opening for air to get in which means there’s no way for the pee to escape. Pampers night time baby dry is real good too I actually used those in the beginning stages at night because they were softer than huggies but they don’t conform as tight as huggies do so I changed when Chanel got older. All the other brands had their faults and pluses but I narrowed it down to my favs which was pampers and huggies.  

Chanel is two as I’m writing this and until this day Chanel has never had a diaper rash…Ever. Another thing that I do is I add on a little A&D ointment every time I change her so poop & pee doesn’t stick on her much. A&D doesn’t just only have to be used when the baby is having issues you can use it as a daily maintenance ointment, it’s great! Also I like it because it goes on clear unlike other products like desitin which can be white. Another trick that I like to do from when she was a baby up until she was a toddler is in between her going to the bathroom, I let her (air out) her bottom area a little throughout the day. My grandmother always told me fresh air is always good for you.  

A little tid bid that I came across in my travels in which I think you’d find interesting…  

Chanel and I just went on a rock tour with Ice for a month and one week. We did 31 countries in 34 days. This was Chanel’s first tour and I was worried about how I was going to do this with a two year old. What people don’t realize is that you’re on the bus for pretty much the entire time with only stopping at hotels 4 times a month. Babies need a lot, milk, diapers, snacks, food the list is endless but in the middle of the month I ran out of diapers, now mind you Ice just doesn’t perform in the big cities sometimes we go to little towns in the middle of nowhere…so in the mist of being in the middle of nowhere we were on the hunt for diapers and when we finally found diapers it was crazy. I finally understood for myself what paper diapers really  looked like, I thought they were a myth but they weren’t, I thought these went out of style a long time ago but I was wrong, some European countries still use paper diapers (Now these are still padded diapers but very stiff). Of course Chanel hated them and said they hurt but I had to talk her into wearing them and tell her that we can’t be too picky. On A side note right before going on tour Chanel was 100% potty trained but being on the tour bus 24/7 messed her routine up. She got used to big girl panties before the tour and here she had to get used to paper diapers until we got back. It was a bit rough at the time and I thought I might share this story with you all. So there you have it this is my journey with diaper wear…Let me know what you think and share your stories with me.

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