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Trip to Monaco & Paris

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2 months out of the Summer,Law and Order goes on Haitus.. (Ice shoots with them though-out the year in NYC).During this Hiatus we do a lot of traveling from visiting family in Arizona to hosting clubs all over the country to business meetings in LA.This year we had to go to Monte Carlo for a TV Festival.It was awesome! The picture of the ocean above was the view from out our room at Hotel Hermitage in Monaco…. We mostly worked the whole time while we were there but in-between time we walked around doing the touristy thing and of course shopped…..We hung out with so many cool people, to name a few…Dick Wolf (producer) Julie Benz (Dexter) Jacqueline Macinnes (Bold and Beautiful) Serena Wolf (Dick Wolf’s daughter)Joe Mantegna(Criminal Minds)Taye Diggs(Acter)……To top off a beautiful trip we hopped over to Paris since it was close for a little R and R…I’m telling you,the architech was magnificent in Europe.I saw the Effel tower,the Arc de Triumphe and my favorite thing of all was the Queens bed at the Versailles Palace (the pics are below)I was truely overwelmed by the whole expeirance and put it on top of my list as citys I’d go back to.Oh,can I mention, that the shoe shopping was incredible!.At the”Galleries” in Paris they have a whole floor for every shoe that is made.I couldn’t see the end,it just keep going and going! Pure shoe heaven!! I literaly got light headed when I witnessed this and sat down before I fainted..OK I’m being dramatic but it really was a beautiful sight…. Ice saw my reaction and still to this day makes fun of me..What can I say,I’m a girl……