Welcome to the Coco Blog!


Welcome to the Coco Blog!!

In this blog you'll find a more indepth chat with me,everything from sexy, high, fabulous Heels to movie premieres and Events I go to.

This is also dedicated to women that love girl stuff such as, hair, skin, nails, lipgloss, make-up and of course,fitness!.

I travel a lot and meet so many exciting people and like to share my expeirences so I post a lot of photos. Feel free to roam around and check out all my links on the right of the page or here at Coco's URLS.

My new clothing line, called "Licious" is finally here. My clothes are designed for the curvy women but every body type will love it! All made here in the USA with stretchy material.
Shoe of The Week Series

My 34th Birthday at Green House in NYC

IMG_5128 So I celebrated my birthday in NYC with Ice and some of my very close friends. I had on my houndstooth one piece pants suit! Check me out. I had such a fun birthday!

Booty Olympics on Andy Cohen

Booty Olympics Andy Cohen

Do you guys remember when I went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and I participated in the ‘Booty Olympics’ and WON…Well below you find the photos from that actual show and you can also watch the video to see me do my thing for the booty olympics…that was my first time playing, would you have thought??

Hurricane Sandy

Hurrican Sandy

Here are the photos from my Hurricane Sandy experience boy was that a tough time for me but Ice and I made it through. Check out the video below of me shopping in the grocery story during sandy…what an experience.

Comin Con

IMG_4466 So remember the episode from “Ice Loves Coco” when I went to comic con because I was the guest star in Beyond Comics comic book, I was Coco as Cleo…It was so cool I got to take fun pics with others who dressed up and I got to meet the wonder Stan Lee, former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. Check out the photos below.

Coco Shoe Giveaway 7

Ok,we just finished shoe giveaway 6 and now were already on the next one… This maybe your lucky day so take a look at these cute shoes from my personal shoe closet and tell me in a comment which one you would like to have and why? Black/white Sporty bootie heels size 6 or Pink Satin Luciano Padovan heels in size 6 We will let the contest go for a week then announce the winners here on this blog and on Facebook and Twitter…Go for it!!!

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