Welcome to the Coco Blog!


Welcome to the Coco Blog!!

In this blog you'll find a more indepth chat with me,everything from sexy, high, fabulous Heels to movie premieres and Events I go to.

This is also dedicated to women that love girl stuff such as, hair, skin, nails, lipgloss, make-up and of course,fitness!.

I travel a lot and meet so many exciting people and like to share my expeirences so I post a lot of photos. Feel free to roam around and check out all my links on the right of the page or here at Coco's URLS.

My new clothing line, called "Licious" is finally here. My clothes are designed for the curvy women but every body type will love it! All made here in the USA with stretchy material.
Shoe of The Week Series

Just having fun!!

I’ve been a little behind with my Titty Tuesday pics on Twitter so this week I tried to make it up by getting out a purple bob wig and purple pasties and a pink thong and I had a mini photo-shoot with myself..Its so fun being a girl not to mention I get paid to play dress-up..Well this was done on my own time..What do you think.Am I a good photographer?..I know I went slightly crazy and I took alot..Sorry no booty in these..Its just dedicated to my boob friends

Spiked Louboutins

I love these Louboutins for the simple fact that they are plain black leather platforms with a little twist.. I love them so much I have them in sliver and in gold.. The plastic spikes on them,from a distance, have so much sparkle that it almost looks like rhinestones when you walk in them.. They are super high because of the platform (six inches at least heel height) the only downfall I say when wearing them is the rounded toe.Your toes do get squished because of the height of the shoes.Thats why pointy is always more comfortable otherwise great shoe.. P.S. Louboutins run small always get a size up

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Jimmy Chow Slingbacks

Pretty in pink. These suede Pink Slingback heels are perfect for a multicolored dress.. Skyhigh 6inch heels are definitely for the advanced high heeled walker, even I had to watch my steps with these beauties.

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BeBe Thigh-High

Its starting to get cold out so the boots start to come out too.. These are brown BeBe suede thigh-high boots with a wooded platform and 5 1/2 inch heels… to me they are low key boots you can throw on with some jeans but one downfall to these boots is the laces on the back, it takes along time to get them even plus you need someone to help you tie. There definitely not “throw-on shoes”.. If you see laces on boots think twice about buying them. Intro a 1 2 3 4

Coco Shoe Giveaway 4 Winners!!!!!!

Hey Everyone, so the shoe winners for my 4th shoe give away are Kassi Paslay from Phoenix, AZ and Caitlin Kells from London, England. You can congratulate both winners on twitter @AnOddLilPlace & @MrsCaitlinEleri.  Check out Kassi rocking her Black Colin Stuart shoes! Congratulations to Kassi!

Versace Sandals

I love anklets so this is the perfect shoe for me!! These very classy black and gold heels are about 5 inch high with a Versace emblem attached to an ankle chain..These babies go with everthing..wear with a night dress or a bathing suit like I did,its works for any occasion.I just love how I literary feel like I have jewerly on my feet and they are comfy.. note to self I would go a half size up because the withe on them are tight
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