Welcome to the Coco Blog!


Welcome to the Coco Blog!!

In this blog you'll find a more indepth chat with me,everything from sexy, high, fabulous Heels to movie premieres and Events I go to.

This is also dedicated to women that love girl stuff such as, hair, skin, nails, lipgloss, make-up and of course,fitness!.

I travel a lot and meet so many exciting people and like to share my expeirences so I post a lot of photos. Feel free to roam around and check out all my links on the right of the page or here at Coco's URLS.

My new clothing line, called "Licious" is finally here. My clothes are designed for the curvy women but every body type will love it! All made here in the USA with stretchy material.
Shoe of The Week Series

People Magazine Africa April 2012

Ice Loves Coco E Online Interview

I thought this E Online video is cute too…

Onion News Brook Alvarez Interview

This is a cute video to put up on blog kinda funny…

Movie Premiere to “Safe”

Here is a abundance of pics from the red carpet movie premiere of “Safe”,that Ice and I attended.We are fans of Jason Statham.I think he’s an awesome actor and he rocks every movie he is in.. This movie was so good.Definitely Coco approved..The dress I’m wearing is “Preen” worn with Hot Pink Louboutin pumps with matching Louboutin purse.

Harrahs Atlantic City

Hosting at Harrahs Casino”After-dark Pool Party”in Atlantic city was the most fun ever!! Now why was it different than all the rest? Well,because Spartacus,my dog,was actually requested to host with Ice and I..Can you believe it?He is the 1st dog to take part in popping bottles and take pics with fans in a nightclub.I had the best night ever with him..Here are some pics from red carpet and also ones from my camera…..

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