Welcome to the Coco Blog!


Welcome to the Coco Blog!!

In this blog you'll find a more indepth chat with me,everything from sexy, high, fabulous Heels to movie premieres and Events I go to.

This is also dedicated to women that love girl stuff such as, hair, skin, nails, lipgloss, make-up and of course,fitness!.

I travel a lot and meet so many exciting people and like to share my expeirences so I post a lot of photos. Feel free to roam around and check out all my links on the right of the page or here at Coco's URLS.

My new clothing line, called "Licious" is finally here. My clothes are designed for the curvy women but every body type will love it! All made here in the USA with stretchy material.
Shoe of The Week Series

Fans Dressed Up As Ice & Coco For Halloween

This is hysterical!! Through the years fans have emailed,Facebooked or tweeted me pics of themselves dressed up for Halloween as either me or went as Ice & I as a couple. I had to share some of them……. If you’d like to send any pics to me pass it along to any of these links….. Good job everybody your outfits look great!! (Twitter- @cocosworld) (email-



Ice and I will be at Harrah’s resort in Atlantic City for the Pool After Dark party hope to see you there!

Kyobe Fashion Show Fashion Week 2016


So Ice and I decided to attend the Kyobe fashion show for fashion week

Flat Tummy Tea

Coco Flat Tummy Tea

My new obsession…. 8 months post pregnancy & this @flattummytea is where it’s at. This stuff is unreal. It has drastically reduced my stomach bloating, giving me a flat tummy. I need to work harder these days to keep things tight and lite.. Hello again, flat ‘n sexy core and Thank you @flattummytea!!

Snapchat – Cocosworld100

Coco Snapchat
Hey guys I’m finally on Snap Chat I tried to avoid it but friends convinced me…Follow me at cocosworld100

Shoe Giveaway 16 Winners

Congratulations to winners of Shoe Giveaway #16! Winner #1 was Jennie Gomez from Queens NY she won the Ruthie Davis bright fuchsia patent leather platforms. Winner #2 is Amber Wamsley from Warner Robins, GA, she won the denim Stuart Weitzman pumps. Lets congratulate our winners!

Check out Jennie wearing the Ruthie Davis bright fuchsia patent leather platforms that she won for her wedding day!

Ice T & Coco Bring Out Baby Chanel to The Tonight Show

Check out Baby Chanel’s first appearance on The Tonight Show and selfie with Jimmy Fallon

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